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How Do I Use a Lime Bike?

The Lime bikes in #yyc have taken off! I must say I’ve walked by the bikes and have wondered…how do I ride one? It’s embrassing to sit there by the bike and fiddle and try to figure it all out. Here is a quick guide on the how to’s in order to get you started…embarasement free.

Step 1: Download the Free App & Add Your Subscription

The Lime – Your Ride Anytime App is the electric bike and scooter phone app. You can download it on Google Play or Apple App Store.

To set up the app add your phone number, allow the app to access your camera (to scan the barcode on the bike) and enable location services (to find the bike). Once you have the app set up you will need to add payment via the Wallet tab. This is a subscription service and you can read the Lime terms of agreement here.

Lime has a information page set up to explain how to use the Lime bikes in Calgary. This includes rules and regulations for use and where you can park them after you are done.

Step 2: Find a Bike

Using the location function of the App you can find a nearby bike. I was actually quite surprised to see one in my neighborhood which is a 15 minute drive outside of the downtown area.

Step 3: Scan the Barcode

Once you scan the barcode which is on the back of the bike (on the battery) it will acivate the bike and allow you to use it. After the bike is “open” for you to use, be sure to perform the safety checks, adjust the seat for your comfort and put on your helmet.

Step 4: Follow Traffic Laws

Remember to follow traffic laws. In Calgary this means riding on designated bike trails, lanes or if driving in traffic using the correct hand signals (see below). The City of Calgary has a cycling on city streets and pathways guide I would encourage you to review.

Photo credit Bike Sense B.C

Step 5: Done your Ride? Park in the Right Spot

On the Lime Calgary website there is a detailed description of where and where not to park. The general overview is that parking is allowed on City of Calgary property. To get a detailed description review the guide here.

Have any Tips?

Are you an avid Lime Bike user? If you have more tips for fellow readers, message me your tips and I will add them on to the article.

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