Month: September 2019

Buttercream Clothing: Ethically Made in Canada

An originally Calgary based business, Buttercream Clothing uses local seamstresses to create their light and comfortable clothing. All the clothing can be ordered online and ships right to your door. Orders over $200.00 will be eligible for free shipping. The clothes are for everyday wear in a variety of sizes (xs to 3x). Most of the clothing is for women, although there is a small selection of 3 men’s long sleeve and t-shirts collection. Available clothing options include: Accessories – hair scrunchies Tops – long sleeve, t-shirts Bottoms – tights, skirts Dresses Rompers Outerwear Shop local and support ethical wages for the women who create your clothes! According to the Buttercream Clothing website they employ over 25 women including seamstresses and virtual assistants. Buttercream clothing:

How Do I Use a Lime Bike?

The Lime bikes in #yyc have taken off! I must say I’ve walked by the bikes and have wondered…how do I ride one? It’s embrassing to sit there by the bike and fiddle and try to figure it all out. Here is a quick guide on the how to’s in order to get you started…embarasement free. Step 1: Download the Free App & Add Your Subscription The Lime – Your Ride Anytime App is the electric bike and scooter phone app. You can download it on Google Play or Apple App Store. To set up the app add your phone number, allow the app to access your camera (to scan the barcode on the bike) and enable location services (to find the bike). Once you have the app set up you will need to add payment via the Wallet tab. This is a subscription service and you can read the Lime terms of agreement here. Lime has a information page set up to explain how to use the Lime bikes in Calgary. This includes rules …

This week in the News September 2 – September 9, 2019

You may have noticed I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus with this website for the past few months. I was spending time on my other business Now this business is up and running (yey!) I have more time to dedicate to my passion, this site and connecting with other #yyc environmental activists. I’m happy to be back connecting with all of you! Summary: Amazon fires bring world leaders together to address the current crisis, growing your own trees can help to reverse our climate crisis, if we reduce food waste we can have a major impact and solar panels have the potential to help crops thrive. Amazon leaders sign rainforest preservation pact amid wildfire crisis source DW – we are in some really troubled times for our planet right now. With the Amazon fires raging and clearing acres and acres of valuable trees the toted “lungs of the earth” are rapidly being destroyed. This is devastating. Grow your own forest: how to plant trees to help save the planet – source the …