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This Week in the News: Feb 4 – 11, 2019

Weekly Summary: World leaders are trying again, a how to guide to buying sustainable clothing, Chinook salmon are in trouble, Hawaii is leading the world in zero waste policy creation, Alberta is making some big renewable energy moves.

The Economic Times: Challenges due to climate change to be discussed at World Government Summit in Dubai. Aiming to identify solutions the summit participants will be international organizations, senior government officials and media personalities from around the world.

INDEPENDENT Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Ethical and Sustainable Fashion. In a cultural climate where no one would be seen dead without a reusable water bottle and veganism is the mot du jour, it’s becoming increasingly uncomfortable for many of us to buy into brands that fall so short of our values – and fast fashion is one of the worst offenders.

The Guardian We’re sounding the alarm’: half of Canada’s Chinook salmon endangered. Half of Canada’s chinook salmon are endangered, with nearly all other populations in precarious decline, according to a new report, confirming fears that prospects for the species remain dire.

CNN Hawaii has passed some bold progressive legislation over the past few years. Some sunscreens banned, raised the smoking age, committed to PARIS climate deal goals, wants 100% renewable energy by 2045.

Global News Alberta Contributes $3.3M for huge solar farm in remote Fort Chipewyan. Alberta will work with Indigenous groups in the province’s remote northeast corner on what the government says will be Canada’s largest off-the-grid solar power project.

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