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Reusable Produce & Bulk Bags – Credobags

Produce Bags

Product description: These bags are 100% regular cotton or certified organic cotton mesh, washable and very durable. You can reuse these bags at the grocery store or farmers’ market to replace plastic single use bags. Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing an option that is sustainable- reusable and recyclable.

Pros: 100% Regular Cotton or Certified Organic Cotton Mesh (Natural),, Washable, mesh design allow cashiers to easily identify contents of bag, convenient drawstring closure.

Rating: 5/5

Bulk Bags

Product description: These bags are a practical storage solution for bulk purchases such as rice, dried beans, nuts, coffee, pasta and grains. There are smaller size for herbs or loose teas. The larger size for lettuces, potatoes celery etc. and keep them in the refrigerator or dry storage to prolong freshness.

Pros: Reusable option when shopping for bulk items, washable, 3 sizes (small-medium-large), convenient drawstring, Hemp/Organic Cotton blend or 100% Organic Cotton

Rating: 5/5

Local stores in Calgary to purchase: Apothecary Inglewood

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