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This week in the News Jan 29-Feb 2, 2019

Weekly Summary: tacking food waste, technology to pull water out of the air, is the extreme temps due to climate change, US government shutdown reminds us of the importance of park staff.

The Guardian The Real Junk Food Project turns supermarket waste into tasty meals. London cafes bring people together while tackling the UK’s food waste problem.

CNN Business Drinkable water is scarce. These companies are pulling it out of the air. In the mountains outside Scottsdale, Arizona, the four people and two dogs living at Cody Friesen’s house get all the water they need for drinking and cooking from two big panels mounted on the roof.

The Times of India US shivers as extreme cold invades, but is this climate change? Experts say it could be, but whether global warming plays a role in this particular extreme weather phenomenon is apparently still up for debate.

Phys.Org Parks rush to clean up toppled trees, trash after shutdown. The US government shutdown was a good reminder at how critical staff are in the role of maintaining, preserving, sustaining and protecting national parks and delicate ecosystems.

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