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This week in the news Jan 22 – 28, 2019

Weekly summary: 1.5 degrees warmer and chaos on the Earth, Earth’s atmosphere and oceans are changing the way heat moves, CO2 may rise more than expected, carbon tax is explained by a rebuttal to a ludicrous statement

New Scientist Earth in 2050: This is what a world warmed by 1.5°C looks like. From wild weather to huge ecosystem shifts, dramatic effects from global warming are already baked in – but by acting now we can prevent the worst

Science Daily Climate change reshaping how heat moves around globe.
The Earth’s atmosphere and oceans play important roles in moving heat from one part of the world to another, and new research is illuminating how those patterns are changing in the face of climate change .

The Times of India Faster CO2 rise expected this year: study. The forecast by researchers is based on a combination of factors including rising anthropocentric emissions and a relative reduction in the uptake of CO2 by ecosystems.

Global News Calgary Brooks-Medicine Hat UCP candidate who claimed church facing $50K in carbon tax issues correction. The initial press release stated that the church was facing a large bill, then logic prevailed & corrections were released to this ludicrous statement.

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