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The Apothecary in Inglewood

Author: Renee Little
Location: 921 9th Ave SE Calgary, AB

The Apothecary in Inglewood is unassuming from the outside and is an entire eco-life changer once you step inside! This gem of a store in Inglewood sells a zero waste philosophy and has the products and knowledgeable staff to help you create a sustainable eco-friendly life here in Calgary.

When you step inside the store you can see how much care and attention is taken in product selection to provide the customer with the best zero waste and sustainable products on the market. The Apothecary carries the full line of All Things Jill products which includes Peas in a Pod (mom and baby), Zen Yoga, TREK (outdoor products), a bath and body line (bath foam and lotion), Jack (shave and beard products), Chic Puppy, and un-packaged bar soaps and bath bombs.

Probably the best part about the store (in my opinion) is the refillery. A refillery is really just as the term suggests – a place to refill previously utilized or new containers from bulk inventory. The Apothecary carries a large selection of household and body care products that are available to refill many sizes and types of containers. As the consumer you simply bring in a container and choose a product to purchase. The staff weigh the products & charge by weight/volume.

Bulk laundry soap, dish soap & so much more

Step by step directions for using the refillery

Step 1: Bring a container that is clean, can be sealed, doesn’t leak and is not made of a substance that will break down or react with the products being added. Good containers to consider include glass jars, plastic containers and depending on the product, even plastic bags may do the trick. If you do not have a container one can be purchased in store.

Step 2: Talk to the staff about what is available and how to create the product you desire. The staff have a ton of knowledge and you can create an amazing product that is just right for you!

The types of products you can request in their refillery include: herbs, salts (i.e. to make bath salts), carrier oils, essential oils, hair care, body care, deodorant, toothpaste, natural cleaners, laundry products and dry ingredients such as clays.

Step 3: The staff will then fill your container. One thing to note is if the store is busy the staff may need more a little time to prepare your products. Therefore you may have to leave the order with the staff for the a bit of time (likely only 30-60 minutes).

Step 4: Take home your products with a HUGE smile on your face and enjoy. Don’t forget to save your containers for your next refill!

Food grade bulk herbs


If you are looking for containers to utilize, The Apothecary has containers to purchase new and also gently used. If you have extra containers collected from past purchases you can bring them in to the store to give them a second use by another patron.

Exciting zero waste products at “The Apothecary”

1. Soap Nuts are a berry shell that naturally contains a cleaning agent that works like detergent. The natural cleaning agent found in these berries is called saponin. Saponin works as a surfactant, breaking the surface tension of the water to penetrate the fibers of your clothing, lifting stains from the fabric, and leaving dirt suspended in the water that is rinsed away. Tip: You need to wash in warm/hot water in order to activate the suds. To reduce hot water needed for washing try adding soap nuts to 2 cups of boiling water first and then adding them to the load of laundry.

2. Stasher silicone food bags are food grade silicone bags. Sandwich bags can be very convenient especially when backpacking, hiking, rock climbing, and cycling when backpack space and weight is of concern. The company reports that the bags can be cooked, microwaved, baked, boiled, and frozen. They are top rack dishwasher safe and have an airtight seal to keep foods and odors locked up. You can read more about these handy products on the Stasher website.

3. Elate clean cosmetics are delivered in minimal packaging, include reusable compact containers and are vegan, cruelty free, made in Canada and they use sustainable packaging. The compact powders come in seed paper which means you can plant it directly in your garden to grow new plants. Their ingredients are about 90% organic because their value is to choose fair trade and support the workers who create their products over organic if they are unable to have both. Learn more about Elate here.

4. A huge variety of reusable bags which can be used for produce, lunch bags, bread bags, grocery shopping, adding soap nuts to put into the washing machine, soap bag for bar soaps in the shower and bulk bags for purchasing bulk food items. I purchased the same brand of produce bags they stock in store over 10 years ago and they are holding up very well! They have been through the wash multiple times and are still in great shape. If you are looking for a reusable bag you will highly likely find what you are looking for here.

5. The Apothecary and All Things Jill make products right on site! After being invited to the back of the store to check out their natural products “laboratory” it made me really excited to take one of their classes (see below) to learn how to make my own beauty products. The back of the store is quite magical, it is filled with many raw materials that staff use to create delightful products that are sold right in store.

6. You will find an entire section of dog pampering products that you can use to wash your dogs coat, care for their paws and help to freshen up the scent of their coat as well as your indoor carpet with the Chic Puppy line by All Things Jill.

7. Reusable straws galore! If you cannot find the right color, style or type of straw here you probably will not find it any where in the city. Reusable straws are really making a difference. Read this article posted by the NRDC to learn more about the reasons why.

8. There is row upon row of essential oils! If you have a specific essential oil in mind or are looking for essential oils in roller application packaging they have a lot from which to choose. One tip is that you can reuse the essential oil bottles. Clean the bottles out with rubbing alcohol and bring them back to the store for a refill.

First Tuesday of the month is 10% off refills (except essential oils)


Combine the search for something new to do in Calgary with a desire to take a class to improve your zero waste living skill set. They offers 6 classes that you can enjoy by yourself, with friends or even for a romantic date night. The Apothecary will accommodate group bookings which could be fun for a fun girls night out or family bonding time. The classes listed include: First Steps Aromatherapy, Aromatherapy level 1, Body care, Gone to the Dogs: Canine Aromatherapy, Holiday Gift Making and Facial Care. Sign up is available on their website.

Location & Online Orders

You can find The Apothecary in Inglewood at
921 9th Ave SE Calgary, AB

Visit the website for online orders

Behind the scenes

I was invited to the back of the store & this Anise soap was just setting in the final stages of creation by one of the talented staff members. I couldn’t help but share this gorgeous creation!

Note: this is NOT a sponsored post

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