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Eco Friendly Furniture in Calgary and Online

What is eco friendly furniture? In terms of furniture manufacturing being kind to the environment can take place many different ways.

Things to consider:

  1. Length and mode of transportation of goods – how far do the manufactured goods and raw materials need to travel and what type of transportation is used.
  2. Type of materials used in production – does the company source fair trade, organic, low VOC or sustainable materials?
  3. Energy consumption/ offsets – does the company reduce or offset it’s carbon footprint?
  4. Collaboration/ donation to eco driven research and development – does the company invest in environmental forward research or new developments?
  5. Waste disposal / recycling practices – how does the company handle waste material, do they have successful recycling programs.
  6. For the consumer – are you willing to put the time in to look for furniture that can be reused? Can you look at consignment shops for your next used furniture treasure?

Canadian Made Companies – reducing transportation

  • EQ3 manufactured in Winnepeg, MB, store in Calgary
  • Stylus manufactured in Burnaby BC, available at Brako furniture Calgary 5711 Blackfoot Trail SE . Furniture manufacturing of sofas and dining chairs. Frames are made from wood sourced through suppliers who are certified for environmentally sound practices. Recycling programs are in place for paper, cardboard, plastic and foam waste. Natural light skylights reduce our energy needs for lighting. Selective packaging allows us to save packaging materials. Foam supply is from a zero waste supply chain. Scraps are recycled into carpet underlay, foam is Chlorofluorocarbon free.
  • Springwall Sleep Products Inc. – is headquartered just outside of Moncton, New Brunswick, and is extremely proud of being a unique family owned business. Springwall is the only 100% Canadian owned and operated National mattress manufacturer in existence today.  Today his vision of providing a quality product to consumers is being led by his sons, Boyd and Greg Kay. There are three manufacturing facilities in Canada (Moncton, Mississauga and Calgary).

Envio friendly Materials

  • Goldgrass Home – natural and organic mattresses, no synthetic ingredients or additives so there is no off-gassing process. Locally owned and operated, founded in 2007 by Riva and Andrew Mackie. Their mission has been to find the world’s finest natural and artisanal home furnishings and decor, and make them available to uncompromisingly stylish Calgarians who understand the true importance of the sleep experience.
  • Stylus – see above

Energy Consumption/ Recycling Efforts

  • Crate and Barrel – West Coast operations is operating at a LEED certified space in California. They have also achieved LEED certification at their store at the Streets at Southpoint in Durham, North Carolina—one of the first retail stores in the United States to receive this designation. Almost all Crate and Barrel stores have now converted to low energy lighting systems, reducing energy consumption by 30 to 40 percent. Stores built after 2010 use 20-watt lighting, and those built after 2014 use 14-watt lighting, supplemented by skylights in stockrooms. At warehouse locations, they are in the process of converting 1,000-watt lighting fixtures to more energy-efficient 400-watt fixtures. And warehouses now have sensor aisle lights that illuminate only when in use. They have istalled HVAC Energy Management systems in many store locations which reduce energy consumption by 10 percent. Recycling program at stores, warehouses and corporate offices (recycle corrugated cardboard and plastic).

“Request recyclable material from your shippers. Reject bubble wrapping, Styrofoam, and plastic bags, and propose alternatives such as paper or cloth.” 
― Bea Johnson

Consignment Furniture Calgary

  • Calgary Furniture Exchange – Two floors of used couches, chairs, end tables, lamps and more in a range of styles, the walls also features colourful artwork. You can also get some new furniture here, as Calgary Furniture Exchange carries new pieces. To consign your own furniture, send or bring in a photo of the pieces to be considered for pre-approval. Stop by to see it all in person or check out the latest additions in the store’s online catalogue. 6745 Fairmount Dr. S.E., 403-251-4493
  • The Consignment Gallery selection of used furniture that includes couches, sculptures, lamps, desks and art. The store also has an online gallery if you want to see what it currently has in stock without leaving home. 533 58 Ave. S.E., 403-253-7880

Online Retailers 

Instead of turning to the big companies who do not have any environmentally conscious practices, consider your next online purchase to be a company that has built their business on the values of sustainable living.

ABC Carpet and home – Sourcing goods that are created with sustainability and fair labor standards in mind. Offers a wide variety of modern and elegant pieces that are responsibly sourced from across Europe and Asia, as well as women’s fair-trade cooperatives in India.

Bambeco Home – committed to the highest respect for the planet and its people, Bambeco strives to inspire sustainable living through their three core values: forest preservation and restoration, clean water and water conservation, and fair wages and a safe workplace. They’ve saved over 300 million gallons of water, planted over 20,000 trees, and kept over 236 metric tons of carbon out of the atmosphere through their commitment to carbon-free shipping.

West Elm – focused on modern design, affordability and community with recently launched fair-trade and eco-friendly collections. By designing over 90% of products in-house, the design team has steadily increased their selection of organic, handcrafted, sustainable sourced and Fair Trade Certified™ products. 

Visseo – by using natural and recycled materials and manufacturing their products in the United States, they strive to continually reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining exceptional quality. Viesso values their commitment to a healthier home by ensuring none of their products contain fire retardant or harsh chemicals and use only organically grown materials. 

Create a home of vintage and new eco-friendly pieces to enjoy with friends and family

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