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The Plastic Disaster

We know plastic is a huge issue in our world, it’s piling up so fast that there is not one country who really knows what the HECK to do with it. Well there might just be a solution, well not really. Read more in the Guardian this week read “The answer to plastic pollution…”

Here is an direct quote from the article to get your excitement to read more started:

“As holiday shopping ramps up, so do the dizzying varieties of plastic packaging tossed in recycling bins. And while we wish a Christmas miracle would transform this old garbage into something new, the reality is the waste left over from the holiday shopping frenzy is more likely than ever to end up in a landfill or incinerator.

Until January of this year, the United States and other Western countries were foisting their low-value plastic waste on to China, with little concern for the environmental degradation this caused. To protect its citizens from the burden of foreign pollution, in the beginning of this year, China refused to be the world’s dumping ground and effectively closed its doors to plastic waste imports.”

Not to ruin the surprise BUT the answer to the plastic pollution….is to CONSUME less There is no magic solution to this global plastic storm we have on our hands. China finally said “take care of your own waste” to the rest of the world and now we are scrambling to figure out how to do just that.

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