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LEAF Certified Restaurants #YYC

There is a process restaurants can go through that is called “LEAF certification. LEAF certified restaurants have declared they are committed to the environment and providing a sustainable dining experience.

Each restaurant must undergo an on-site review by a LEAF Accredited Consultant and meet minimum requirements in ten key areas of sustainability including:

1. Energy use
2. Food purchasing and menu items
3. Supplies
4. Building and location
5. Furnishing and decorative items
6. Chemicals
7. Waste and recycling
8. Employees
9. Policy and innovation
10. Water use

In Calgary the current LEAF certified restaurants include:

  • Cafe Beano
  • Calgary Zoo
  • Community Natural Foods
  • Craft Beer Market
  • Fiasco
  • Taiko Taco
  • Mountain Mercato
  • Odyssey Coffehouse
  • River Cafe
  • Sait School of Hospitality and Tourism
  • Coup + Meet
  • Una Pizza and Wine
  • Heane House
  • J.Webb Wine Merchant

You can read more about the LEAF certification process on the LEAF website.

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